Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Risks Of Supply Chain Management - 1354 Words

Introduction When it comes to supply chain management all business must be aware of the risk and best practices to prevent problems with their product. Neither the seller or buyer is immune to the risks of bad supply chain management. When it comes to cybersecurity, companies must be sure that their products do not have vulnerabilities that they are unaware of. This can lead to reduced sales, damaged reputation, and cost a significant amount of money in remediation. Supply Chain Risks As with all other industries, supply chain risks must be taken into account in cybersecurity as well. Listed here are just a few of the risks that a good supply chain management team must consider. These include malware that is preinstalled in/on hardware or†¦show more content†¦Poorly written code that is not run through proper quality assurance checks could lead to unknown vulnerabilities that are not discovered until the item is being used by its final customers. For example, bad supply chain management by auto companies lead to the biggest recall in history and caused several deaths (Eisenstein, 2016). This could have been avoided if proper tests were done prior to shipping out millions of units to automakers. Counter fit hardware is a risk that business must contend with on a regular basis. When items are acquired from suppliers who use imitation parts, it could cause the final product to be unable to perform it intended purpose. This could be especially problematic if these fake parts were to end up being used by the Department of Defense (Metzger, 2016). Lastly, bad supply management can lead to increased liabilities. This is due the lack of proper checks to identify problems before they get out of control. What to ask Suppliers? Just as there are several risks to supply chain management, there are just as many questions that businesses can ask suppliers. If these questions are asked before a partnership is developed it will give businesses a better understanding if that supplier will meet their needs. What quality assurances practices does that supplier have in place? If a company is not performing adequate quality checks the likely hood of having issues with that supplier s product

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